Storage Rules

What items can NOT be stored with Cubby?

The safety of our staff, customers, and their belongings is our number one priority. The following items (“Prohibited Items”) are not allowed to be stored with Cubby:

Anything that is currently living or deceased, edible, perishable or non-perishable food items. This includes plants, agriculture, food, animals, insects, fungal or bacterial cultures.

Any illegal materials or substances, including but not limited to drugs, drug paraphernalia or stolen property.

Explosive or combustible products or liquids, such as ammunition, explosives, fireworks, and any other flammables.

All firearms and deadly weaponry.

Nothing that contains liquids, is flammable or could potentially spill. Cleaning or flammable products are not allowed.

Anything that cannot safely fit into one of the Cubby boxes with the lid properly and securely fastened.

Anything that has not been correctly prepared or packaged in one of our Cubby boxes, such as: Items in garbage bags, laundry bags, or milk crates etc.

Electronics that have not been disconnected and/or drained.

Copiers or printers that have not had the toner removed.

Generally, anything that might leak or escape from your Cubby box that poses a risk to others, our customers’, our staff, or our storage facility.

What happens if we discover one of these prohibited items?

Storage of any Prohibited Items may result in additional fees or the termination of your entire Cubby account.

Prohibited Items that we discover will be handled professionally, which may include, at our sole discretion, disposal of the item(s), return to you at your cost, or turn over to the proper authorities.

If you have any questions about our Storage Rules, please contact our team before you store with Cubby.


Although we endeavour to protect and safeguard all boxes in our care, fragile items are not eligible for the coverage provided under our basic or upgraded insurance plans.

If you choose to store Fragile items, please pack your items carefully so that they are not damaged during transportation or while being stored in our facilities.

We strongly recommend properly and securely packing and padding your items inside of our Cubby boxes with packing materials such as bubble wrap and packing paper etc. We are not going to open and inspect the boxes we store to verify adequate packaging; this is solely the responsibility of you the customer.

Below are guidelines for what is a Fragile item, but this is a guideline only and not an exhaustive list of all Fragile items. These policies affect your ability to be insured under our per box insurance policies and our liability for damages to Fragile items.

Many common household items are Fragile. Fragile and easily breakable objects are obvious, but for greater certainty, common fragile items include without limitation all dishes, pottery, ceramics, ornaments and models, glassware, and crystal.

All electronics are considered Fragile, including without limitation computers, tablets, phones, printers, hard drives, TVs, and stereos.

Since we are unable able to confirm and certify the internal condition and functionality of electronics, musical instruments, appliances, or mechanical devices of any kind before we store them, Cubby is not liable for any mechanical or electrical derangement, defect, or internal damage that may occur.

Some items contain materials that may corrode or degrade over time or are susceptible to damage from atmospheric conditions and changes in temperature and humidity. Items containing these materials are considered Fragile. Cubby is not liable for any damages, corrosion, or degradation to such materials as a function of time or from changes in temperature and humidity, including without limitation the growth of mold and mildew.


Items of Extraordinary Value

The storage of items of “Extraordinary Value” is not recommended. Any item that has a replacement value greater than $125 per 0.5 Kilograms (per pound) are considered items of Extraordinary Value.

Items of Extraordinary Value include without limitation jewelry, precious metals, autographed or special-edition books or memorabilia, art and antiques, furs, fine musical instruments, digital files, sentimental items, historical artifacts, and all unique or rare items that cannot be easily replaced.

If you store these items with Cubby, we strongly recommend that you work with your own third-party insurer to take out an insurance policy adequate to cover the full value of the items. Our liability for loss or damage to these items will be limited to the value of the per box insurance plan you choose to take from Cubby.

Cubby reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse to store any item.

Valuable Documents

Although permissible, we recommend that you do not store your “Valuable Documents” with Cubby. Valuable Documents include, but are not limited to, stock certificates, bonds, deeds, currencies, stamps or securities of any kind. This also includes official personal documents such as passports, birth and marriage certificates, visas etc. Like items of Extraordinary Value, we recommend that if you do store Valuable Documents with Cubby, that you work with a third-party insurer to take out an insurance policy adequate to cover the full value of these items and to protect any personal data or information.  

Digital Files

Cubby strongly recommends that you make and retain copies of any digital files before storing them with Cubby. Cubby is not responsible for the loss or corruption of digital files under any circumstances.