Pricing Policy

Cubby Pricing Plans:

28 Day Billing Cycle
Box Cost Per
Level of Protection
Protection Plan
Cost Per Week
Box Cost Per
$ 1.99 Basic $ - $ 7.96
$ 1.99 Tier 2 $ 0.25 $ 8.96
$ 1.99 Tier 3 $ 0.50 $ 9.96

Cubby Fees:

•    Box fees are as posted in the app. They are invoiced per box, per week, plus applicable taxes; except as expressly provided below, partial weeks will be chargeable based on the full week pricing and will not be pro-rated.

•    Fees are charged on a four-week cycle. In other words, every 28 days, plus applicable taxes.

•    Itemized invoices will be provided and fees debited from your authorized credit card every 28 days.

•    Your billing cycle will be based on the first box your store with Cubby. Every additional box stored will be normalized to this cycle.

•    If you order any additional boxes, fees for those additional boxes will be prorated by the week. For example, if you order and receive an empty box in the second week of a cycle you will only pay for 3 of the 4 weeks (plus applicable taxes).


Cubby Protection Plans:

•    Additional box coverage can be purchased on a per box basis. Additional coverage must be selected at the time you store or re-store a box.

•    The Coverages come in three tiers, Basic, Tier 2 and Tier 3. Please follow this link for additional info our Protection Plans. (add link).

Pricing for the basic tier protection plan is included as part of the weekly per-box fees. Pricing for the Tier 2 protection plan is $0.25 per box per week (plus applicable taxes) and pricing for the Tier 3 protection plan is $0.50 per box per week (plus applicable taxes).


Start of Fees:

•    Fees start to accrue on the date the customer retrieves the applicable box(es) from the Cubby Locker System. Fees accrue regardless of whether the box(es) are returned for storage or not.

Cessation or Continuation of Fees for Unneeded Boxes:

•    Once a stored box has been returned to the customer, and the customer no longer needs the box, the customer will have 14 days to return the empty Cubby box.  

•    All applicable fees will continue to be charged if the customer fails to return the box(es) within 14 days of the box(es) being returned to the customer.  

•    For additional information please see our policy for Late or Unreturned Boxes (url link to policy)


Damaged Boxes:

•    Boxes damaged by the customer in either the act of loading or unloading their goods, such that the boxes are now unusable (in the sole discretion of Cubby) will result in a $30 per box surcharge.

Damaged Box  Unreturned Box
One Time ChargeOne One Time Charge