Frequently Asked Question

How is Cubby dealing with COVID-19?

Your safety is our highest priority. Our service is 100% contactless, with no need to meet a driver or member of our team. Our Cubby locker system and all Cubby boxes are disinfected and sterilized regularly.

How large is a Cubby box?

A Cubby box is 27 x 17 x 12.5 inches. With a capacity of approximately 3.25 cubic feet. The box is the most popular storage container in the entire storage industry due to its exceptional usability and efficiency of space.

What can I store?

With Cubby you can store shoes, clothing, decorations, sports equipment, instruments, books, accessories, seasonal items and more – if it fits in a Cubby box, we can store it. Just make sure it meets our Storage Rules.

Do you accept fragile or dangerous items?

There are items that are prohibited in a Cubby box and others items that are not covered under our insurance plans. Please refer to the Storage Rules Section for detailed explanation.

Why Cubby?

Cubby is the easy, simple and affordable solution to storage. There’s no need to lug your belongings to the local storage unit or wait around for someone to pick up or drop off your items.

Where can I use Cubby?

Cubby is currently available in select buildings across Toronto. Building operators can request our service here.

How do I get started?

Your building/condo must first have Cubby installed. When you’re ready to store your first items, simply download our app from the App Store or Google Play store, set up a profile and start ordering boxes. It’s simple.

How much does it cost?

We charge on a per box basis.
Download the app for full-pricing information.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged upon the successful booking and collection of your box(es) from the Cubby locker system, and then every four weeks thereafter. All additional boxes that you store will be normalized to the first billing cycle. 

Do you offer storage solutions for larger items?

No, we only provide storage for items that fit into Cubby boxes.

How do I view my stuff?

Open the Cubby app and tap on “View My Stored Items” to view a complete list of the items you’ve stored with us. You’ll need to make sure that you photograph your items prior to storing them.

Where and when will I get my stuff back?

You can set the delivery date for return of your belongings in the Cubby app. Your items will be returned to the Cubby locker system onsite at your residence, and you’ll be notified when they arrive.

How often can I get my stuff delivered?

Each box stored with Cubby comes with one free pick up and drop of per month. Additional deliveries may be subject to a minimal additional charge.

What do I do with the box, once I’ve got my stuff back?

Please return the Cubby box to the locker system. You’ll receive a code and be allocated a slot for returning the empty box.

How long can I store my stuff for?

As long as you like. There’s no limit on storing your belongings with our team.

How secure is your storage facility?

Our warehouse is fully insured and is kept under surveillance 24/7, is equipped with key pad access, motion detectors and all of the necessary alarms.

I’ve moved – how do I get my stuff back?

If your new building is equipped with a Cubby system, simply change your location on the App and the service continues as normal. Otherwise, you can contact the Cubby team using and a member of our team will coordinate the safe return of your items. Please note that additional fees may be required.